To enter the competition, you need to fill out this form before 10:30 sunday. From this, we coordinate a timeplan for the judges to go around.

Applying you project to this Devpost page, is to have a more detailed description of your project, and to send slides for presenting your case. You simply need to write about your project and submit it to this hackathon.


AUHack19 happens from the April 5th to April 7th. The projects submitted must be conceived within this timeframe to enter the competition.


Students enrolled at a higher education, or former students who graduated within 1 year of April 5th, is elligible to enter AUHack19. During the event, teams are formed, who work on the projects. Team sizes must not be above 6 people.

Submission Requirements

The submissions must include

  1. A description of the project
  2. Picture(s) of the project

When submitting, you will be asked to apply for the case you've worked with (if any), and what table number you're seated at.

Prizes & Winner Selection

The prizes awarded are a mix of both sponsor awards and AUHack's own awards. The main prize awarded by AUHack itself is the "Best AUHack", with a 2nd prize being the "Facepalm award" - for the most amazingly stupidest thing at the event.

Code of conduct

Our code of conduct follows our partner, Major League Hacking. Find it here

Judging Criteria

The judging criterias can be found on AUHack's website.